New CoreUniversity

  • Last update on February 7th, 2024

We're thrilled to roll out our reorganized LMS, fine-tuned to boost your learning and engagement!

A modern learning experience

Our courses just leveled up! Each course now comes packed with engaging cartoons, interactive elements, quizzes and certifications. Get ready for an impactful learning journey that's informative and enjoyable. Dive into the content that’s tailored to help you excel.

Expanding beyond core subjects

It's not just about the CoreView app anymore. We've added fresh content covering a spectrum of related topics, giving you a broader understanding and better insights.

Tailored learning

Our LMS platform now delivers technical product courses custom-fit for your role and package. Plus, you’ll discover content on a variety of topics, not all strictly app-related.

And for our partners and MSPs – special strategic content has been crafted with your unique needs in mind. Keep an eye out for these valuable additions!

All in all, we're excited to offer a richer, more relevant learning experience. 

Dive in and see the difference!