What's CoreUniversity?

  • Last update on April 18th, 2024

CoreUniversity is our learning platform: explore our courses and gain insightful, applicable knowledge! 

A modern learning experience

Our courses are equipped with a variety of features to support an effective learning process. These include engaging cartoons, interactive elements, quizzes, and certifications, all of which contribute to a well-rounded and enjoyable educational experience. 
Dive into the content that’s tailored to help you excel.

Expanding beyond core subjects

It's not just about the CoreView app. By incorporating a wide array of fresh content on related topics, it aims to provide learners with a broader understanding and deeper insights into their areas of interest.

Tailored learning

The LMS platform features technical product courses customized for different roles and packages, alongside a variety of content that goes beyond app-related topics. 

For partners and MSPs, we have developed strategic content designed to meet their unique business needs. These offerings are part of the platform's comprehensive resources.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and relevant learning experience.

Dive in and see how!